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6 Meaningful Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is just around the corner and if you aren't prepared yet you'll want to hurry and think of something to get her OR do for her.... OR both if you are just that awesome. No worries now- I am here to help!

I'm a new mom myself so Mother's day has changed for me since I know how it feels to be a mom now! Last year was my first Mother's Day. Especially with a newborn, as a mom you can start to feel underappreciated and stressed.

So- whatever you do for the momma in your life- make sure she knows just how much you love her!

First off, write her a note or card. Any mom loves to hear how much you adore her and appreciate all she has done for you.

Next- grab a gift. Here are some great ideas for a meaningful gift for your mom:

1. Willow Tree Hand Painted Statue

These small statues are absolutely beautiful. My mom has several herself and they remind her of certain events in her life. There is one that fits any mom- so take a look on Amazon.

2. Birthstone Necklace

My mom has one of these necklaces and wears hers almost every day. The one I linked below is customisable with up to 6 children.

3. Hotel Getaway

If your a mom of smaller children a night's stay at a hotel by herself might just be the best thing you'll have ever gotten her! I know sometimes I would just die over some peace and quiet by myself not watching Daniel Tiger or Pokemon. haha Book her a one night's stay for the night before Mother's Day and have her come home to a clean house to spend her day with her family!

4. Spa Gift Set

You could set up a spa night for mom- put out a gift set, get her her favorite treats, and then tell her to relax while you take the kids away for some quiet time!

5. Flowers that Come Back Every Year

Choose a plant that is a perennial and plant it in your yard for her. Every time she looks at it she will remember how much you love her!

6. Digital Photo Frame

Last year for Christmas we all pitched in and got Nana this digital photo frame. Not only is it a photo frame but you can also video chat on it! We love it because we can all have the app on our phones and send photos to her frame for her to view from wherever we are at.

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