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Delightful Doughnut Party

This Delightful Doughnut Party is just too sweet! It was the perfect party to celebrate the Mothers in our lives! Throw your own Delightful Doughnut Party, it would make an adorable Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Girl's Night Party, or Mother's Day Party!

The doughnut board was made with a framed cork board, we bought from Hobby Lobby. We spray painted it a fun color, and added pushpins to hang the doughnuts from. It was so Easy to make, and is a fun addition to any party! You could easily make your own Doughnut Board for any of your get togethers!

We found the decorations at the Dollar Tree! Which made this party super affordable to host, and put together! Yay! That's what we like to hear, haha! The confetti balloons, paper lanterns, doughnut trinket holders, take home bags, doughnut pens, decorative boxes, doughnut stickers, and decorative paper was all from the Dollar Tree!

We filled decorative glass containers with colorful candy, and used wrapping paper as a table runner!

So simple, but it looks beautiful!

Don't forget to serve a lot of doughnuts at your Delightful Doughnut Party! We bought these from the store, and churched them up, by adding extra frosting and sprinkles! They turned out absolutely adorable! You could also make your own doughnuts if you'd like! That is awesome too! We have a wonderful, easy doughnut recipe on our blog!

We had paper take home baggies, so our guests could take doughnuts home with them, to enjoy later on!

We also served a yummy fruit dip with fresh fruit! The recipe for that is also on our blog!

We absolutely love the colors, decor, and treats! Everything came together to make an adorable, memorable, and Delightful Doughnut Party! What will you celebrate with your Delightful Doughnut Party?

Of course our party would not be complete without the little Stars of the Hungry Holidays Blog, the Grand babies! They are the reason we strive to make everyday a Holiday! We hope y'all enjoy throwing your own Delightful Doughnut Party!

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