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Springtime Beanie Baby Wreath

It's Spring Cleaning time at our house! And y'all won't believe what I found at the top of the closet...Beanie Babies! Do y'all remember these stuffed animals? I'm sure y'all collected them, same as we did! I mean they were going to be worth so much money some day, am I right?! I think they are worth a whole dollar nowadays on Ebay! Haha! Well if you were part of the crazy that was Beanie Babies, dust those old things off, and make a Springtime Wreath with me! And if you missed it, the thrift stores are full of them. Or grab a few of them at a yard sale!

I remember going to Cracker Barrel on Saturday mornings to see what new Beanie Babies they had gotten in! I felt like a million dollars whenever my mom bought us one. Yes, those are my brothers, Cole and Clayton, sitting under a load of Beanie Babies, haha! We were so proud of our collection! Good times!

Supplies you will need to make your own Springtime Beanie Baby Wreath:

15 Beanie Babies, make sure you dust those old things off, haha!

10 yards of ribbon, I bought from the dollar store

1 Wreath Form, I bought from the dollar store

A pair of Scissors

Alright start by cutting some ribbon, I used 15 inch long pieces. Now one by one, begin tying each Beanie Baby onto the wreath form. There's no perfect way to do it. Just have fun tying each Beanie Baby onto the wreath form. I had my Little Bears help me, they loved hearing about each stuffed animal. And they had fun choosing which Beanie Baby they wanted on the wreath!

Once you have all 15 Beanie Babies tied onto the Wreath Form, rearrange their arms and legs around. You'll wand to cover up any holes in the wreath. I wanted the Beanie Babies to look like friends, so I put their arms around each other, haha! I also went back through and tied extra ribbon in, where I thought it looked bare. I wanted the wreath to look nice and full! I hope y'all will dust off your old Beanie Babies, and make this fun Springtime Beanie Baby Wreath!

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