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5 Family Easter Traditions

This time of year brings me a lot of joy! Winter is finally over! The weather is turning warmer, and everything is turning bright and green! Plus, Easter is right around the corner. There are so many reasons to put a smile on your face! Especially, if you love Easter as much as our family does. Our family has many special Easter traditions, so we thought we'd share some of them with y'all.

Traditions don't need to be big, and elaborate. Traditions don't need to be crazy, or time consuming either. Just something that really brings your loved ones together. Hopefully this post gives you some new traditions you can add to your Easter celebrations! 

1. Easter Breakfast

This is one of my husbands favorites! Having a family breakfast is a great way to start a holiday. Our children really enjoy these bunny pancakes, and they don't involve anything extra. Thats a win! Who doesn't have the ingredients for pancakes lying around the house?! Pancake mix is easy and great too. I doubt the little ones would notice the difference. Just as long as they are made into these adorable bunny shapes! I let my girls decorate them with sliced fruit, and chocolate chips! Whipped cream is always a great addition! 

2. Easter Craft

My kids are getting to the age where they are loving art, more, and more. If I can come up with a simple craft, they are thrilled! So am I! It keeps them busy for a good while.

One idea you could try is paint stamping with a pencil eraser. So easy! Have them stamp around an egg shape, onto a sheet of plain paper. 

Or, they could create an Easter egg wreath. We made ours out of a paper plate, paper eggs, I cut them out of scrapbook paper, and a ribbon. You'll also need glue. I cut the center out of the paper plate, so it looks like a wreath shape. Then I let the girls go to town gluing the paper eggs onto the plate! Then just add a ribbon once it is dry. Hang it up for everyone to enjoy!

Make Easter egg garland! All you need is string and plastic Easter eggs. I just picked some up from the dollar store. This is one Easter tradition my kids really look forward too! I also found the string from the dollar store as well. However, it was a little thick and hard for the kids to get through the holes in the eggs. So we thread the string through a plastic needle, which we found at Walmart.

Sometimes we repeat these Easter crafts, and other times I find new ones for them to try out. Either way, our girls really enjoyed it!

3. Color Easter Eggs

Another Easter tradition the kids really look forward to, is coloring Easter eggs. However, why not try something a little more creative! We fill containers with shaving cream, food coloring, and then roll hard boiled eggs in the shaving cream. This is really fun, and something different from the norm. The eggs turn out gorgeous!

We also enjoy coloring eggs the traditional way! We color eggs a couple times during the Easter holiday, haha! We make lots of potato salad! Try our Sweet and Tangy Potato Salad, it’s definitely a family favorite! 

4. Egg Carton, Easter Story

 Every year, we tell the Easter story, about Jesus Christ. To help get your little ones involved, and hold their attention better, we fill Easter eggs with objects and a scripture that goes with the object. This is fun for them, and a wonderful way to involve them.

This is one my oldest daughter made at church a couple of years ago. I did not write this, I don’t know who the author is. You can print your own copy here. We’ve enjoyed using it every Easter since then!

5. Special Easter Eggs

Want to fill Easter eggs, with something special? We fill ours with candy, little trinkets, toys and activities! Yep, special activities. The girls love this, and really look forward to using them! Need some ideas to fill yours? Here are some we like to put into ours: 

-Picnic at the park

-Pillow fort in the living room

-Pizza and movie night

-Adventure at the zoo

-Trip to an indoor trampoline park (our girls enjoy CircusTrix in Nampa)

-Fun day at Pojo's or Chuck E. Cheese’s

-Day at the Children's Museum

-Explore the Aquarium

-Have a splash at the Water Park

-It's Roller Rink Day

-Have a ball while Bowling

-Arts and Crafts Day

-Painting ceramics or pottery 

We use these on designated days. When they come up on the calendar, the girls can't wait to turn in their activity! It is a great way to make memories, and have some family Fun!

Do you and your loved ones have some special traditions for Easter? Share some of your favorites in the comments below. I'd love to hear about them!

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