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Halloween Party

Happy Halloween y'all! We can't just celebrate this holiday one night a year, it's just too much fun! If your looking for some fun, inexpensive ways to celebrate with your family, look no further. I have some ideas for you, our littles had a blast with.

You can invite guests to bring their own costumes, or provide something fun for them! I gave out these cute cat ears, for my guests. they went perfect with my first activity.

My girls love arts and crafts, so I put together two ideas for you.

The first craft of the night were these adorable, Halloween bags. The girls got to color and decorate their own bags. I found these cute ones at Target. All you need are some markers and stickers for this activity.

These bags had a Halloween picture on them for the girls to color, but you could also use plain ones. Let your littles decide what goes on their bags!

The second craft was a, sweet treat for them as well. Spider suckers! They were fun and very easy to make! Here's what you'll need:

-bag of suckers

-googly eyes

-pipe cleaners



For each spider, you will use 2 eyes, 2 pipe cleaners (cut in half), and a sucker. After cutting the pipe cleaners in half, wrap the middle of each one around the sucker stick. Then bend the ends a little, to look like spider feet. Glue on your eyes and done! Simple, and lots of fun!

Its not a Halloween party without treats! We made Fall Muddy Buddies. This one, is a great one to let your kiddos, get in on the action! They helped me pour the cereals, pretzels and pumpkin almonds into a bowl, and mix it all. They called it Halloween munch, and gobbled it up!

For our Halloween get together, our girls requested pizza! So, to make things a little easy on my self I went out and bought a Jak-O-Lantern pizza. Thats not what I told the girls at first though. You should have seen their faces when I said we were having pumpkin pizza! My oldest niece was relieved, when she saw me sliding this into the oven.

We watched Halloween movies while we ate our pumpkin pizza. It was the perfect way to wind down our festivities.

I hope y'all found some great ideas, for your own Halloween gatherings. Happy Fall y'all! Thats just fun to say! Happy Halloween too!

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