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Purple People Eater Halloween Shake

It’s my favorite time of year, and I couldn’t be more excited for Fall and Halloween! Everywhere you look at our house, it’s Halloween! My girls, and I, had the best time putting up decorations! We listened to silly Halloween music, and had a special Halloween Treat!

Speaking of silly Halloween Songs, and Halloween treats, y’all have to try our Purple People Eater Halloween Shake! ‘It was a One eyed, One Horned Flying Purple People Eater.’ I bet ya can’t read that without singing the words in your head, haha!

My littles ones, loved these frosty, Halloween treat. This Purple People Eater Halloween Shake is wonderfully easy to put together! Don’t forget to garnish them with a mound of homemade whipped cream, and Halloween sprinkles! It is the little things your kids will remember. So make these Purple People Eater Halloween Shakes to share with your family this Halloween!


1/2 of a 1.5 Qt. Container Vanilla Ice Cream

2 C Grape Soda

8 oz. Whipping Cream

1/2 C Granulated Sugar

*Halloween Sprinkles and purple food coloring

This is going to take no time at all! Scoop the ice cream, and poor the soda into a blender. We like the shakes thick, but if you like a thiner shake, add extra soda. Start on low, and work your way up to high speed. If your blender gets air pockets, you might need to stop it, and give it a little stir, or a shake. It will be a pale purple color, if you want it more vibrant, add in a few drops of purple food coloring.

In a mixing bowl, whip up your whipping cream and sugar, with a hand mixer. When the whipping cream starts forming stiff peaks, then its just right!

My girls like to add a lot of Halloween sprinkles on top. They enjoyed these Purple People Eater Halloween Shakes! They love that this Treat is named after a Halloween song that they know and love. Make everyday a Holiday, and Happy Halloween everyone!

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