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Bruneau Sand Dunes | Our Family Adventures

We had a blast visiting the Bruneau Sand Dunes. Everyone found their winter sleds and we enjoyed sledding in the summertime.

First- we had a picnic at the bottom of the dunes. We had chicken salad sandwiches, chips, pasta salad, brownies, and a vanilla cake.

It was windy- but a warm day!

Then we got playing. It was quite the hike to get up to the top! I'll admit that I was definitely out of breath once I got to the top. We didn't even go up the largest dune! They are pretty steep- but nothing a little kid couldn't do!

The boys all had jumping competitions, the kids built sandcastles, everyone sledded- it was a blast!

Below you will see Cole's first attempt at sledding down the hill- hahaha

Little Calder made an appearance at the beginning of the evening but promptly went to sleep after eating. He didn't want much to do with the fun that day- haha I think he was working on a growth spurt!

The kids did explore the water that was close to the dune. I wouldn't recommend it though- they got bitten by so many mosquitos. The water doesn't move around much at all- so it isn't safe to swim in either.

You can see here just how tall that dune is! If you are really brave and strong- try the bigger one!

Maddie and I did a quick little photoshoot. It was too fun!

Justin didn't just sled- he surfed!

It was a fantastic Sunday!

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