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Canoeing, Kayaking and a Picnic in the Boise National Forest | Sunday Family Outing

Look at that sunset! Last Sunday was the absolute BEST day to spend some time in the mountains. Sunday evenings are the perfect time to get together for our family because everyone is off of work. With summer upon us we decided to start exploring our home state of Idaho more!

Sometimes your family just needs a distraction from the incoming notifications, video games, and busy life. This is exactly what the doctor ordered for our family. It's easy to get caught up in the bustle of it all- so some time spent together with no interruptions is something every family- or relationship for that matter- needs!

Don- Ana's husband- is definitely the leader of the family when it comes to outdoorsy activities. He always seems to know the perfect spot to camp, fish, swim, etc. Don took us to a out of the way location in Prairie, Idaho. It's not really a town at all! haha This little Idaho "beach" location was the perfect docking point for our canoe and kayak.

We actually parked on this ledge- there was about 2-3 feet on the side of our cars to get out! I'll admit it was a bit terrifying. We then hiked down about 1/4th of a mile to where we set up camp for the evening.

We of course had to bring some delicious food. We all joined in and brought the typical hot dogs to roast over the fire, soda, juice, and chips. Amanda and Ana added in some special dishes though. Amanda brought her picnic veggie salad and Ana brought a fruit salad.

The girls LOVED riding in the canoe- barely anyone else got a turn unless we were getting an arm work out paddling back and forth with them in tow! haha

In the caves were so many swallows nests! When we would bring our kayak or canoe in they would start flying around like crazy. After startling you for a second it was amazing to see how many there were. The little girls had tons of giggles as we joked with them that one of the birds pooped on their heads! haha Luckily- no beautiful hair-do was harmed on this trip!

The caves also had beautiful streams of water coming down the rocks. Don attempted to get people wet every-time- but luckily for us the canoe is a little to long to be put unto the mini waterfalls! haha

Even the little babies had a good time in the fresh air. After a good slathering of sunscreen (even thought the sun was hardly out!) and time spent in the shade- they napped almost the whole time! We are loving them at such a little age- but I will have to admit I cannot wait to see them explore more. It is just so fun to see them learn and grow.

It's so funny because it actually wasn't a very hot day outside- it sprinkled a little here and there. It was the perfect temperature- the littles didn't get too hot or cold.

Some of the crazies- *cough* Cole *cough* got into the water and started swimming. haha I personally did not think it was warm enough for that- but he is notorious for getting into ice cold water and coercing someone else in just to torture them!

Beans joined the party- he is the funniest dog! If you say "go", "walk", or "leash" he comes running thinking he is about to go on an adventure! Typically he gets to since his happy doggie smile is too hard to resist! So he definitely had a great time!

The night ended with a calm drive home. All of the littles fell straight asleep after a fun afternoon of playing and enjoying time together.

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