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Jicama Fruit Salsa and Sweet Tortilla Chips

Happy day friends! We've been busy around here, but a good busy. We are really enjoying summer break! My goal is to create some delicious, and healthy summer dishes. Jicama Fruit Salsa and Sweet Tortilla Chips is one of the dishes I've created.

Luckily, it was a big hit. Have you ever had jicama before? It isn't something I normally cook with either, but it is really good. Jicama is like a potato, and a pear mixed together. It's not as sweet as pears, but it does have a little sweet taste to it.

Jicama Fruit Salsa, is a yummy Summer Treat! This dish is perfect for all your Summertime gatherings.

You will need,


1 Cup of Diced Jicama

1 12oz. Package of Strawberries

1 6oz. Package of Blue Berries

1 6oz. Package of Black Berries

1-2 tsp. Sugar

dash of salt

Sweet tortilla chips

12 tortillas

oil spray

cinnamon sugar

The first step is dicing up the Fruit! Peel the outside of your jicama, and then cut it into small bites. Then cut up the strawberries.

In a bowl carefully toss together the Jicama, berries, salt, and sugar. Careful not to turn it to mush!

On to the sweet tortilla chips. We love these!! They are yummy by themselves, but they are absolutely amazing with the Jicama Fruit Salsa! First spray each side of the tortilla. I like to use coconut spray. Sprinkle each side with cinnamon sugar. Place them in the oven to broil for about 1 minute on each side. That can vary, so watch these like a hawk when you broil them! I'm not gonna lie, I burnt a few of these. Cut your tortilla's into triangles, and dip into your Jicama Fruit Salsa!

Jicama Fruit Salsa and Sweet Sweet Tortilla Chips is the perfect Summertime Treat!

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