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Cowboy Caviar Pasta Salad

This Cowboy Caviar Pasta Salad is one of my all time favorite salads. I love it so much! I swear every summer I will make one salad way too often. This summer it’s this Cowboy Caviar Pasta Salad! I just can’t get enough of it. It’s so fresh, and has a little bit of a tang, from the squeeze of a lime. 

This yummy Cowboy Caviar Pasta salad is super easy to make, and most of the time I have everything on hand. I have to admit, I like to add everything I like into this salad. For one thing I add red bell peppers, instead of tomatoes. I really like the crunch the bell peppers give. I also don’t add onions, because my youngest daughter really dislikes them. Sometimes I try to cut them really small, but she’ll find them anyway. Do you have one those kids that doesn’t like a vegetable, and you try to disguise it? Lol!

I’m so happy that summer is finally here! It’s finally getting hot, and that means swimming, picnics, and lots of delicious salads!  I hope you make this Cowboy Caviar Pasta Salad for your family. I think their gonna love it! It’s so good, it’s hard to stop eating it. I find it’s even better the next day, if there’s any left over!  Let me know what y’all think?


1 Can black beans (drained)

1 Can sweet corn (drained)

1 Can Black olives (drained)

1 Large avocado 

1 Lime

1 Box 15 ounces fusilli colored noodles

1/2 cup Olive oil

1/4 cup Red wine vinegar

2 tablespoons McCormick Mojito lime seasoning

1 teaspoon salt

3 tablespoons sugar

1/2 cup cilantro 


Cook fusilli noodles as directed on the box.  

While the noodles are cooking open your cans of corn, black beans, and black olives, drain the liquid out. 

Dice up your avacado, red pepper, and black olives. Add them into a bowl with your pasta, toss together!

In a separate mixing bowl mix olive oil, red wine vinegar, white sugar, mojito lime seasoning, and the juice of one lime. Mix together, and pour over pasta mixture. 

Put the salad in the fridge to cool for two hours before you serve. I’m sure this Cowboy Caviar Pasta Salad will soon be y’alls favorite Summertime Salad!

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