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Kristy's Baby Shower | Airplane Themed Baby Shower

Thank you to my mom and sisters for throwing me such a beautiful baby shower!

The theme for Calder's bedroom and baby shower was "I love you higher than airplanes fly". I wanted something different yet cute for my sweet baby boy! I loved how this theme was mature enough for him to grow into for quite a few years. And what is more perfect than an airplane theme for a baby boy? See the adorable decorations by my mom and sisters below. I will be sharing in another post the best baby products to give your family and friends when they have a baby!

Cake made and decorated by my sister, Marissa. You can view more of her work here.

All of the pom poms can be found here- garlands and hanging.

My mom bought foam gliders from the dollar tree and painted them red to hang around at the party. You can buy the gliders here.

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