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Tea Party Birthday

My little bear is turning seven years old! This was our first friend Birthday party! I was a little nervous about entertaining a dozen little girls! Thankfully everything turned out wonderfully! She wanted to have a Princess Tea Party! Complete with fancy tea cups, games, and of course... dress up!

Decorating for this Princess Tea Party was so much fun! Luckily I am a fan of teapots, and teacups, so I had a lot to decorate the table with! I used white paper doilies as the table runner. Each place setting had their own darling teacup, and individual cupcake stand! The little girls were thrilled with the fancy tablescape! I hung pink balloons, and a feather boa from the light fixture!

We served peanut butter and jelly, and ham and cheese tea sandwiches. I wanted to keep it simple, because of the young age we were entertaining. The menu also included chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, and fancy little raspberry smash cookies! For the “tea” we served pink lemonade, with sugar cubes of course! The girls were very impressed!

For the games we played:

•Princess Charades: Each player takes a turn acting out a princess!

•Pin the crown on the princess! I taped up a Princess poster, and each player was blindfolded, and given a sticker. The player with the sticker closest to a princesses head, won!

•Balloon Chase: Each player has a balloon tied around their ankle. Everyone runs around, and tries to pop each other’s balloon. All while trying keeping their own balloon safe! They had so much fun playing this game! It was also so much fun for the spectators too, haha!

•Sticker Tag: Each player is given a sheet of stickers. Then each player tags each other with stickers! The game plays on until everyone has used up all their stickers! The player with the least amount of stickers on them wins!

My mom brought out her cotton candy machine, always a favorite! Each guest took home a bag of cotton candy, a surprise princess bag, and a princess book!

We hope you enjoyed our Tea Party Birthday, and want to host one of your own! Thanks Friends!

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