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Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower

The countdown has begun, and we can’t wait to meet Ana and Don’s new baby girl! And because everyday is a holiday around here, we had to throw my sister a fantastic baby shower! And Oh My Goodness! This Little Red Riding Hood Baby Shower is one of my favorite parties yet!

We decorated with picnic baskets, story books, and woodland animals! We strung up storybook pennants, that I made by cutting up a Little Red Riding Hood book. I found the book at the dollar store! We taped red checkered paper around water bottles, and set out different cake and cupcake stands!

Ideas and Tips for a successful baby shower:

1. No weird games! Most women don’t want to get-together to act like fools in front of other women they don’t know. At least I don’t like too!

We had everyone write in this cute copy of Little Red Riding Hood; they added some advice or a sweet note to mom and/or baby! Then we played a round of Would You Rather! It was a great way to get to know everyone, and share some laughs!

2. Have the shower in the evening! We threw ours at 7:30pm. That way mom’s can put their little ones in bed, and leave Dad in charge. They are free to enjoy an evening out with other moms, in peace!

3. Serve an easy appetizer or salad, with fresh fruit, and a dessert. You don’t have to serve a meal, because it’s after lunch and dinner time!

We served my Warm Spinach Dip, with homemade rolls! Ana’s mother in law baked them for the party! We also had Nana’s Bacon Broccoli Pasta Salad, Chocolate covered Strawberries, and Ana’s Smash Cookies! You can find all these recipes on our blog!

4. Have someone jot down gifts and names for you, that way it is easy to send thank you notes!

5. Even if it’s not your first baby, you can still throw a party, they are called a Baby Sprinkle, instead of a Baby Shower! So party on my friends! After all, let’s try to make Everyday a Holiday! 😉


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