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National Hot Chocolate Day!

Did y'all know it's national hot chocolate day?! Now that's a holiday I can get behind! Although, I never need an excuse to drink some yummy hot chocolate. In fact, I've been downing the stuff all winter! The instant is ok, but my favorite is my mom's homemade recipe and whenever I get a chance, I whip some up. Hot chocolate brings back memories of my mom making this for us, sometimes for special occasions and sometimes just because. This drink is creamy and most important, chocolatey! Give it a try!


4 C Milk

1 C Powder Milk

1/3-1/2 C Sugar

3 T Cocoa Powder

Pinch of Salt

Pour your milk into a sauce pan on medium heat. Once its warm and simmering, not boiling, whisk in the powder milk, sugar, cocoa powder and salt. The powder milk is what gives it that creamy, thick texture. Whisk it all together really well and let it simmer and thicken for a minute. Thats it! Now all you need to do is dress it up!

Some of our favorite toppings to add are chocolate chips, marshmallows, whip cream and of course some chocolate syrup. Did I mention we love chocolate?! My sister also loves to add caramel syrup to hers. As you can see, my little cutie enjoyed it so much, I almost couldn't get a photo before it disappeared. Let me know what some of your favorite toppings for hot chocolate are! Happy Hot Chocolate Day everyone!

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