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Tsum Tsum Birthday Party

What do you do when your cute, little ball of energy three year old turns four? Throw her a Tsum Tsum birthday party! At least, that's what she asked me for, and so I set to work getting everything ready for it!

In case you don't know what Tsum Tsums are, they are tiny little Disney characters from every Disney movie, that have a short, little show on the Disney channel. The episodes are only about three minutes long and the characters can get into little bits of mischief together and have fun adventures. Super cute!

The great thing, is you can find these Tsum Tsums everywhere, so planning the party was a piece of cake!😉

First off is decorations. It was easy to find many cute things for this theme. The Tsum Tsum bags and stickers were both from the dollar store. The plates, cups and napkins I bought at my local party store. You can find Tsum Tsum plush toys and 3 pack figures from many different stores, but we found ours at Target. Now add in some balloons and your all set for a party.

On to food. The birthday girl couldn't make her mind up on what she wanted to eat, other than every dessert under the sun! So, when it came to the main course, I put a taco bar together. On the menu was my sweet pulled pork, and raspberry chipotle chicken. It was AMAZING! I can't wait for y'all to try it out!

I also had homemade beans, fresh veggies, salsa and every topping you need to make those tacos unbelievable!

Then there's dessert! My sister made a three tiered, blue Play Do texture frosting cake. It's the birthday girl's favorite color and the perfect addition for a child's birthday. Topped with cute little Tsum Tsum characters and chocolate, rainbow sprinkles. My sister is the best cake baker I know!

The party wasn't complete without games of course! I made a Tsum Tsum matching card game and a Tsum Tsum prize poke board. Here are the supplies and instructions you'll need for this.

•Blank Cards (you can also use construction paper as well)

• Printout of Tsum Tsum characters or stickers


•Poster Board

•Tsum Tsum Stickers (I found some at the dollar store).

•Letter Stickers

•Plastic Solo Cups

•Party Tissue



For the matching game I used a Tsum Tsum printout I found on the internet, but stickers are great as well. You just need to have 2 of each Tsum Tsum character. That way your kids can find the match. Open you empty cards and glue the Tsum Tsum character printout or sticker inside. Line them up on the floor and let the kiddos have fun matching.

Once they got a match, they won a prize and could pick one from my Tsum Tsum prize board!

To make this, I traced the bigger end of each cup and cut the holes inside the poster for each prize. The hole has to be big enough to slide a plastic cup inside, but not too big that it slides out.

In each cup I placed a prize inside, and over that was a few pieces of party tissue, that were rubber banned on. Decorate your poster board with Tsum Tsum stickers and place your prize cups inside the poster board.

It was a pretty quick project and great fun for the kids.

I hope y'all have fun setting up your own Tsum Tsum party! I know my little four year old loved it, as well as her guests.

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