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Our 2017 Christmas Party!

It's the most wonderful time, of the year! Bet you can't read that without singing it in your head! With family gatherings, decorating and delicious food galore, I can't help, but agree. This is my favorite time of year and we can't stop celebrating around here. We have many traditions, and one of them includes gathering together for a family Christmas party with lots of food, talking and a Christmas present game. It always includes lots of laughter.

We recently had our family Christmas party, and it was the best time! I look forward to this every Christmas season. If your in need of some ideas for your own family Christmas gathering, here is my recipe for a great Christmas party!

First on my list is Christmas decorations! I bought these cute Christmas plates, cups and napkins at the dollar store. Bonus, its the dollar store, so it doesn't cost three dollars a package. If you want to get your kids involved in this, set them up with a fun craft, such as a Christmas paper chain. My 3 year old loved gluing the strips together. Drape the chain around your light fixture.

Another idea is paper snowflakes. These are so fun for kids and I love seeing the beauties they come up with. You can tape them on windows, or on a wall down your hallway, so that it looks like your walking through a winter wonderland.

The rest of the decorations are the ones that I put up every year, from the Christmas tree to the stockings hung on the fireplace, and my nativity set. Plus Santa's and snowman's everywhere! My husband rolls his eyes at it, but I know how much he loves all the festivities.

Next on my list is food! My sister and brother-n-law have a joke. If its a family gathering at my house, the main dish is going to involve pulled pork. Well, they weren't wrong! The main dish I served was firehouse Spaghetti and its not the traditional Italian dish your use to. I also had a Christmas cheese and fruit tray shaped into a tree. My mom brought her amazing rolls to go with it all. As for dessert, my sister made peppermint brownie pie, and yes, its as good as it sounds! We also had a chocolate pie my mom put together, my husband was talking about it the next day, thats how yummy it was.

Now onto the fun! The Christmas mittens game. Your going to need a gift for each person, wrapped four to seven times, two Christmas oven mittens and a pair of dice. The rules go like this, one person is trying to unwrap a gift with the oven mittens on, while another is rolling the dice. Once the person rolling the dice gets two matching numbers, then they pass the dice and its their turn to put the oven mittens on and unwrap the gift.

After you get a gift unwrapped, that present is yours and you are out of the circle. When all the gifts are unwrapped and everyone has a gift, then you can do some swaps if needed. We included gifts to the children, so if an adult got one of their gifts then they swapped with one of the kids. There was lots of laughter, yelling and excitement.

I hope y'all have a merry Christmas, full of laughter, delicious food and beautiful decorations! I love to hear others holiday traditions, leave us a comment with your families favorite traditions. Happy Holidays friends!

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