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Harry Potter Dinner Party!

Hello my fellow Muggles! It's October, and we are feeling festive at our house! We are working on marking off our Fall bucket lists! Which includes a Halloween Party! So this weekend we hosted a fabulous Harry Potter Dinner Party! We had so much fun preparing for this party! Including watching all the Harry Potter movies again! It was perfect for Halloween! Everyone dressed up, there was delicious food, lots of laughter, and pumpkin juice! At Hungry Holidays, we like to make everyday a holiday! So, We've included all the details, so you can host your very own Harry Potter Party!

The Entryway was decorated to look like Platform 9 3/4, the perfect way to enter a Harry Potter Party! Here I taped up some wrapping paper that looked like brick, I bought it at Hobby Lobby. I also included a Platform 9 3/4 sign, and decorative suitcases of different sizes. I added a brown paper wrapped package, and My Halloween witch broom!

Our Platform 9 3/4 made the perfect backdrop for photos of our guests!

For Decorations I included spell books, potion bottles, a cauldron, and spooky skulls! I also set up my Harry Potter Books collection, and hung up various Harry Potter Posters! And of course I had to represent each Hogwarts Class with class pennants, I made these out of felt! My little girls and I had so much fun making our own Monster book of Monsters!

I had so much fun creating the Dining Hall! I hung candles from my light fixture with fishing wire. I decorated with Hogwarts house colored dessert plates, on top of crystal looking dinner plates. I used a burlap runner, and added more candles!

For the dinner, We tried for feast like food! On the menu: stuffed pork loin, olive oil Potatoes, broiled Parmesan Squash, and homemade rolls, with cranberry sauce.

Drinks: Butterbeer and Pumpkin juice! Just like in the Harry Potter Books!

Dessert: Assorted tarts, including trickle tarts, Harry Potter's favorite. Also cherry, raspberry, Peach, and apple tarts! We also had cauldron cakes!

My 6 year old and I had so much fun creating the stores from Diagon Alley! We chose 3 of our favorites, Sugarplum's Sweet Shop, Eylope's Owl Emporium, and Gringotts Wizard Bank!

We took 2 cardboard folding poster boards, and taped them together. One on top of the other. Then we used a kitchen sponge, and paint, to create a brick look on the front of the boards. I typed up signs for each store, and printed them out. I think they each turned out fantastic!

For Sugarplum's I filled lots of jars with brightly colored candies!

For Gringotts, we filled jars with golden chocolate coins!

And for Eylope's Owl Emporium I made little paper packages, for Owl treats, and added stuffed owls to bird cages!

All the guests dressed up, and for fun we played a mystery game, that I found on Pinterest! Everyone had so much fun playing their part! I hope everyone plans their own Harry Potter Party! Share your pictures in the comments! Happy Halloween!

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