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Jalapeño Pepper Jelly

We harvested buckets of different types of brightly colored peppers from my garden!

And Oh my goodness! My hands are on fire, even now as I write this! We made hot Jalapeño Pepper Jelly today, and I chopped up lots of peppers. This stuff is so incredibly delicious! You've got to try it out, it's amazing on everything! P.S Make sure you wear gloves when you prepare the peppers! 😉

Here's what you need,


5 cups of assorted peppers, we used a mix of bell peppers, jalapeños, and Anaheim peppers, it really depends on the spice level you like!

10 cups of sugar

2 cups apple cider vinegar

2 packets of fruit pectin

A few drops red and/ or green food dy

6 clean pint sized canning jars

6 canning lids and rings

1. Prepare the peppers, chop them in half and remove the membrane, and seeds.

2. Chop up the peppers, and put them into your food processor.

3. Now pulse the peppers until they are fine. I don't like big pieces in my Jelly!

4. Measure out 5 cups of the prepared peppers, dump them into a large pot.

5. Add the sugar, and vinegar into the pot, and boil for 10 minutes. Keep stirring!

6. Add in the pectin, boil for 1 minute, keep stirring! This is where my family likes to add in a few drops of food coloring. It makes it so beautiful!

7. Turn off the heat, and carefully pour the Jelly into your clean pint size jars.

8. Clean off the rims with a damp dish towel, and put a lid and ring on each jar.

9. The jars will need a water bath for 8 minutes.

10. Carefully remove the jars from their water bath, and flip them upside down. Leave them to cool. Once they are cooled, enjoy!

This Jalapeño Pepper Jelly is delicious on just about everything! Let me know what y'all think of it?!

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