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DIY Troll Birthday Cake!

Happy Trollstice Everyone! Here is our Fun Troll Cake! The cake was obviously homemade! And it's no surprise that I'm not a cake decorator! But my Girlies adored it! And we had so much fun making it together! So that's what matters!

For the Troll Birthday cake I bought the pillsbury cake mixes that are brightly colored, and half the size of a normal cake mix, so each package makes one 8 inch round cake! This was a 6 layer cake! You'll need: 8 inch round cake pans, I only have 2, so I made them 2 at a time! 1 package of pink or red cake mix 1 package of orange cake mix 1 package of yellow cake mix 1 package of green cake mix 1 package of blue cake mix 1 package of purple cake mix I Made the cake according to the directions, except I used milk instead of water. Make sure you spray the pans really well! That way they come out with no problems! Once all the cakes were baked and cooled, I wrapped them in plastic wrap. The next day I assembled the cake! For the Frosting you'll need: 2 sticks of real butter 1 teaspoon of vanilla 5 cups of powdered sugar 2 tablespoons of milk food coloring Mix the ingredients together in a mixing bowl, until smooth, this is a thicker frosting! Now its time to put it together! Put some frosting in the bottom of your cake stand, so the cake has something to stick to. Now lay your first layer on top of the frosting. Follow with a thick glob of frosting, smooth it out, and place your 2nd layer of cake! Keep going until all 6 layers are done! Now make another batch of frosting, and thickly cover the whole cake!

Now you can decorate it with your sprinkles of choice! We topped ours with Trolls, a number candle, and little lollipops! This cake makes me so Delighted!

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