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Trolls Birthday Party! Troll Decorations, Cake, Games, and More!

Get ready for The Biggest, The Loudest, The Craziest Party EVER! Happy Trollstice! This weekend we celebrated my little girl's 4th Birthday, and it was a blast! You have to join me for these Troll Party ideas! I know you'll be delighted!

Activity: We decided to meet the party guests at the Rollerdrome to skate! Just as Bridget and King Grissel did! It was perfect for my little girls Troll Party theme! It was so fun, and most of the party goers had never been skating before!

After our Rollerdrome shenanigans everyone joined us at our home!

Decorations: For the decorations, I framed photos of the Birthday girl, dressed up as a Troll! I used a Troll app on my phone to get the cute Troll pictures! There was also lots of colorful candy, rainbow paper, and a cupcake piñata, because it's all about cupcakes and rainbows, according to Poppy! If you haven't seen the Trolls movie, you really should!

There was a guest book for everyone to write a special note to the Birthday Girl!

Games and Fun: Back at home we sprayed the kids hair pink, like colorful Troll hair! We also had Troll hair headbands for everyone, that I made earlier. We played Troll, Troll, who has the Troll?! It's like the old game button, botton, who has the button, but we used a little Troll instead!

Food: We ate pizza, just like Bridget and King Grissel did on their date! There was a cupcake piñata, Then my little one opened gifts, and we had cake and ice cream! The cake was obviously homemade! And it's no surprise that I'm not a cake decorator! But my Girlies adored it! And we had so much fun making it together! So that's what matters!

The guests took home boxes of gummy Trolls, large twisted lollipops, and goody bags filled with fun Troll surprises!It was a day to remember! What do y'all think?! I hope that you go for it and throw your own Troll Party! It was the best!

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