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Deco Mesh Fall Wreath

Oh my goodness, we had so much fun making these wreaths together! It's cute how they each turned out looking differently, even though we used the same things to make them. Can you guess who's wreath is who's?!

These Wreaths are so Easy! We are going to show you how to make your own Deco Mesh Fall Wreath!

Heres what you'll need, and where we bought ours...

14 inch wreath form, Dollar Tree

4-5 rolls of Fall ribbon, Dollar Tree

50 pipe cleaners, Dollar Tree

3 rolls of deco mesh 5.5"x30 feet, Hobby Lobby

Fall sign, Dollar Tree

Start with a14 inch Wreath Form and pipe cleaners, I bought these sparkly ones also from the Dollar Tree! Twist the pipe cleaners all around your wreath form leaving the two ends, until its nice and full! These are what you are going to use to tie the Deco Mesh, and Ribbon onto the form.

Speaking of Ribbon, you'll need 4-5 rolls of Fall ribbon! Cut the ribbon into 8 inch pieces, and set aside. I tie these on last!

Now take your Deco Mesh, and cut them into 8-10 inch pieces, depending on the look you want!

Next take each strip of deco mesh, and roll it up, like a tortilla! Take each roll of deco mesh and attach it to the wreath form, using the pipe cleaners. I tied 3 rolls of deco mesh on each pipe cleaner. I turned the rolls in different directions, so the wreath looked fuller!

Then tie a strip of ribbon on top of each deco mesh bundle, using the pipe cleaner.

Continue adding the deco mesh onto the wreath form using the-pie cleaners. Look how full, and beautiful it's getting!

Once you have finished adding all the deco mesh, and ribbon onto your wreath, curl the ends of the pipe cleaners by wrapping the ends around a pencil, or dowel!

Now squeeze the sign right in the middle of your wreath, I used a pipe cleaner to attach it to the wreath. There was a hole at the top of the sign! Thats it! We can't wait for you to make your own Fun Deco Mesh Fall Wreath!

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