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DIY Fall Lantern Swag

I just love this Fall Lantern Swag! Don't you?! It's so festive, and beautiful! It was also easy to do, and cost me only $14 dollars to make it! Don't worry, I'm not keeping this gem to myself!

Here's what you need:

4-5 rolls of Fall ribbon

6 flower sprays, or picks, I'm not sure what they are called?!

1 glittery pumpkin

1 package of pipe cleaners

1 Deco Mesh Rope

I found all of this at the Dollar Tree!

Here are some ideas of flowers that I found at Dollar Tree, I picked 3 out for 1 side, and 3 for the other side!

First things first, lay out 3 flower sprays, one on top of the other, stagger them, so you can see each flower! Do this for the other side's flower sprays as well.

Now hold onto the base of the flower bunch, and tightly twist a pipe cleaner around it. Do the same for the other side!

Now take the 2 flower bunches, and lay the stems on top of each other, us pipe cleaners to tie them tightly together! You should have a flower bunch on each end of the Swag! You can move the flower bunches closer or farther apart. This will make the Swag shorter, or longer! I made my Swag shorter, because my Lantern is smaller!

Now it's time to make the bow! I call this an octopus bow! Cut your ribbon into strips, 10-14 inches long, I like doing different sizes of ribbon! Then take each piece, and bend one end over, to make a loop. Keep doing this, until you use up your ribbon! I also added pieces of Deco Mesh rope into my bow! Then take the base of the bow, and tightly twist a pipe cleaner around the base of the bow. That's it! Now you have a gorgeous octopus bow!

Use the pipe cleaner ends on the bow to add the bow onto the middle of the lantern swag! You can add a glitter pumpkin into the Swag as well, like I did! Just use a pipe cleaner to tie it in there! That's it! Now you can use another pipe cleaner and add your festive Fall Lantern Swag onto your own Lantern! I Love this Fall Lantern Swag! It is so gorgeous! These Swags are also beautiful tied onto baskets, the tops of pictures, and on fireplace mantles! Let us know what you did with your Fall Swag?!


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