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Monkey Brains Sushi

It's getting close to that time of year again! Halloween! I'm just so excited! I can't wait to share a fun Halloween food idea with ya'll! It's Monkey Brains Sushi! It is my new favorite sushi. Yes, it is that good! It is easy, and has just a few ingredients.


1 box of tempura batter mix

1 package of imitation crab meat, do not use frozen! It is so gross!

1 bag of avocados

1/2 cup of mayonnaise

1/3 or 1/4 cup of Sriracha, depending on how spicy you want it!

First make your filling:

In your food processor mix together the package of crab meat, mayonnaise, and Sriracha. Pulse until its mixed! Not mushy though!

Now peel the avocados, cut them in half, and take the pit out!

Then scoop the crab mixture into both halves of the avocado. Fill them nice, and full!

Bring the two avocado halves together, and press softly. Make sure not to press to hard, or all the yummy filling will come out!

Then in a bowl, mix the tempura batter according to the directions on the box.

Dip the filled avocado into the tempura batter, make sure you get it covered all over!

Then carefully set it into some hot oil to fry. I used canola oil.

Once it turns golden brown, it's done! Take it out of the oil, and set it on a plate, with some paper towel to drain, and dry.

Thats it! It is so delicious! I cut mine up and served it with some Sriracha drizzled over the top, so it looks like blood! Happy Halloween! I hope you love these Monkey Brains as much as we do!

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