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Simple Peach Jam

This is my favorite jam! So when we got together to can Peaches, I had to use some of the fresh peaches to make this deliciousness in a jar! It puts all the store bought Jam to shame! I think I took home half the jars for myself, haha!

It's really easy to make!


4 cups of Fresh peaches

1 box of Fruit pectin

5 cups of Sugar

1 tablespoon of Lime or lemon juice

Canning jars and lids

First boil the peaches until they soften enough to peel them!

Peel the peaches. Cut them in half, and take the pit out! I'm happy my Grandma was there to help us!

Now add the peach halves into a large pot. Use a potato masher, to mash the peaches to the consistency you like! We like little pieces in ours! You could use a blender, but we don't recommend it!

Add the ingredients into a big pot, and bring to a full boil, stirring it consistently for a full minute. Make sure your sugar is nice and dissolved, or it will be like sugar crystals, not good! When it's ready pour the Jam into your clean canning jars!

Then add the lid and ring on top. Then give them a water bath for 13 minutes! Carefully take the jars out! Let them cool, and that's it! Perfect Peach Jam!

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