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Grandma's Canned Peaches

Get Ready to Make a Mess! Enter My Grandma's Canned Peaches! They are sweet, and very simple to do! My sister brought us home so many beautiful peaches from the orchard. So we have been using them in yummy peach recipes. Today my grandma came to visit us, so we are using this opportunity to can what's left of the peaches. Don't let canning scare you, I promise you can do it! We are gonna show you how!

Here's what you need:


White Sugar

Quart canning jars

Quart lids and rings

First boil the peaches in water, until softened. make sure to watch them closely! You don't want to over boil them, or they will turn brown, and mushy.

Then after the peaches are softened,

peel them,

take the pit out,

and cut them in half!

Then keep repeating until all the peaches are done!

After all the peaches are peeled, and halved, squeeze them into clean quart size canning jars! Make sure the halves are face down! That way it looks nice, and pretty! That's what my grandma says! Sometimes its annoying trying to get them face down, just use a fork to flip them over! It takes between 4-5 halves to fill a jar, depending on the size of your peaches.

Now that the jars are filled with the peach halves, pour a 1/2 cup of white sugar into each jar.

Fill the jars with tap water to the top, just under where the glass rivets are. Use warm water, that will help to not bring the water temperature down in the water bath.

Run a clean damp dish towel around the edge of the jar, to clean it. That way there is a nice seal! Soak the lids in warm water. Then put a lid, and ring on the jar.

Follow with a water bath! Put the jars in to boil for about 13 minutes!

Carefully take the jars out of the water bath, use a jar grabber if you have one! Then flip them upside down to cool. That's it! Now go and can your own peaches! I know you can do it!

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