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Disney Princess Pley Boxes! Pizza and Princesses!

Here at Hungry Holidays we love to try and make everyday a holiday! Introducing the Disney Princess Pley Box! This was so much fun! It was our first time buying something like this. I'm so happy we did! We enjoyed it so much! It is Disney themed, which makes it even better! Oh my goodness, we love Disney! Also, the box is huge! I thought it would maybe be the size of a shoebox, but it's way bigger! The girlies were beyond excited to get their big boxes delivered to our house, with their names on them! Getting the Pley Box is like a Holiday in itself! Its like a special surprise for your little one in the mail. If you're needing a sweet gift for your little one, this is it! They will be so delighted! P.S I bought these boxes with my own money. I'm not being paid to write this post, I just ❤️this product!

When they had both arrived, we made a little weeknight party out of it! The flowers are out of my garden, and I had some of the princess decorations leftover from a birthday party. We made pizza, had princess punch, pink cake with cloud frosting, and opened the Pley Boxes! It's the little things that they will remember!

The Pizza took no time at all! I just used a Pillsbury pizza dough, marinara sauce, and our favorite toppings!

The Girls enjoyed making their own individual Pizzas!

These fantastic Pley Boxes of fun came at separate times, so I made them wait until both were delivered. I'm mean like that, haha! It was only a few days! 😉 Each wonderful Pley box features a Disney Princess! This box spotlighted Rapunzel! Inside the girlies found Rapunzel figures, from the new tv series, which the girls enjoy watching! There was also a golden staff, with the magic flower, that gave Rapunzel her magic hair in the movie. It lights up! How cute is that?! And best of all, according to my girls, the box includes a large and very beautiful art set!

The paint set comes with five brightly colored paint pens, genius! There is also a large paint pad, and a darling folder to collect their masterpieces in! They've spent hours with their Princess Pley Boxes! Normally we are all about sharing, but I'm so happy we bought them each their own box to enjoy!

The Princess Punch!

You'll need:

Raspberry creme soda

A frozen red punch, you could use fruit punch, tropical punch, raspberry punch etc.

Whipped topping


Add diced strawberries into the bottom of each glass. Mix the soda, and frozen punch together, and pour into your pretty glasses! Garnish with a strawberry, and whipped topping! Don't forget a fun straw!

For the cake you'll need:

1 box of Pink Velvet cake mix

Follow the instructions on the back of the box, to make the cake. I substituted the water for milk!

For the Cloud Frosting you'll need:

10oz of whipped topping

7oz of marshmallow fluff

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

Whip the ingredients together in your mixer. When the cake is baked, and cooled, smother it with this luscious frosting, and top with colorful sprinkles!

Which boxes have y'all received? We'd love to hear what you think about these fun boxes?! We're so excited to see who the featured princess is next month!

See our most recent box here.

Click below to get a surprise box for your sweet princess:

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