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Quick Turkey Lettuce Cups

Y'all ready to get cooking? These turkey lettuce cups are so tasty and full of fresh ingredients. I added in lime juice and cilantro to this dish and it gives it a refreshing taste that is perfect for spring time eating! Which by the way, is finally reaching this part of the world, yay! This dish is perfect anytime of year, but I'll be eating this on my back porch along with a glass of raspberry lemonade. Enjoy friends!


1 Package of Ground Turkey

1/2 of your favorite Teriyaki Sauce

1 Lime

1 Bunch of Cilantro

1 Bunch of Green Onions

Head of Lettuce

Salt and Pepper to taste

Optional: Avocado, Siracha, & Coleslaw

I love how quickly this comes together, let's begin! First step is to brown your turkey meat. Add some salt and pepper to it, along with the teriyaki sauce and lime juice.

Also add in half the bunch of green onion and cilantro, and finish cooking. Scoop some of your meat onto a lettuce leaf and get creative with some toppings!

I topped mine with coleslaw, avocado and Siracha sauce. These turkey lettuce cups only take about 10 minutes to prepare, and are refreshing and oh so tasty! Let me know in the comments what you think and if you have any other ideas to top your turkey lettuce cups with!

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