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Pink Pixie Dust Ice Cream!

 We all love our Cuisinart Ice Cream Makers, Mom, Ana, and I have one! We decided we loved them so much, that we should give one away to our lovely fans!

 We also love our waffle cone maker, anytime we are having ice cream we love to pull this out! 

 Here's what you need for the ice cream:

1 cup whole milk

2 cups heavy cream

1 cup cotton candy floss sugar, your choice of flavor

1tsp vanilla

a dash of salt

colorful sprinkles

Food coloring (optional)

 First things first! Make sure you put the bowl in the freezer overnight! Or your ice cream won't freeze!

Add the milk, and cream into your frozen bowl!


 Add in the cotton candy floss sugar, vanilla, salt, and food coloring! Whisk together, and flip on your machine, and let it work its magic! Garnish with whipped cream, and colorful sprinkle! That's it! You're gonna love this fun treat!

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