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Munchkins | Our New Favorite Party Game

I'm always on the search for some new fun family games that encourage us to get off the media and have some fun together!

Some of my most cherished memories with my family is sitting around the table at home with fresh warm cookies and playing fun board games!

Clayton recently got home from serving his full-time LDS mission and he introduced the family to the best game ever, Munchkins!

Here's the great thing about this game, there are TONS of different versions. You can mix and match them all. They make such different cards and versions for every pack that you'll be creating a new EVERY TIME! You actually don't even need to purchase the original to play, you can go straight for the themed packs.

So far we only own the following packs:

Munchkin Game Changers is my favorite add on. It adds one of my favorite set of cards to play, Fairy Dust. It gives you bonuses for when you help others win!

Munchkins Zombies is also a really fun pack, it's zombies so it's basically a necessity to own this one!

Munchkin Cthulhu is the first pack we ever got and it's truly the reason we fell in love with the game! It was a really fun starting set.

When you are searching through to find your first munchkins set, you'll find that there are two different kinds you can buy. One kind comes with a board that tracks your levels (kind of like making it a board game), the other is just cards. If you want to just get one that only has cards you can either write down your levels on a piece of paper or use the board from another set you own.

I've already started a wishlist of some of the sets I want to get:

Do you love this game as much as I do? I'd love to hear what packs you want or have, comment below!

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