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Coco Loco Hawaiian Drink

This Hawaii party was so much fun!! You can see by these silly pictures! My grand babies had so much fun helping me make this drink. I like to call it my Coco Loco drink and it is so easy to make with lots of summertime flavor!!

Amanda has the CUTEST pineapple drink dispenser, you can find it here.

When she isn't using it for drinks, Amanda keeps it on her counter all year and fills it with candy. Turn it around on the counter so your guests can't see the dispenser and it totally looks like it was meant for candy!

I also use these glasses for a lot of occasions:

First add your favorite cream soda. Then add some coconut Torani. We use a lot of Toriani in our house, so I look for sales on Amazon and buy it then!

Add enough blue food coloring. Even though the cream soda is a light brown, I had no problem having it turn blue.

We then added some colorful gummy fish!

Don't forget to add some whipped cream. Look at these cute faces!

The girls all got to help pick out what color of fish they wanted! You can never get enough!

They all had to take a taste and make one of their own!

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