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A Summertime Frozen Themed Party

What little girl doesn't love Frozen?! In addition to all her fun decorations we had pizza, a yummy frozen ice cream drink, a big frozen bounce house, and snow in the summer! Let me walk you through our Frozen wonderland!


I started with cute Frozen cups, its a hard plastic, not the cups meant to be used and thrown away. Inside each cup was a Frozen necklace, goodies and Frozen socks. These were our party favors, along with Frozen bracelet kits and these Frozen books. I loved hearing all the oooh's coming from the girls as they looked at all the fun goodies they couldn't wait to take home!

I also decorated with Frozen balloons, napkins, paper plates and paper cups. If you need any help finding these items, I'll put a link at the bottom where you can purchase them online. Here's a little tip for decorating your party table, add cake stands to your table and decorate. It catches the eye and helps to not have everything on one level. I decorated mine with Frozen figures.


When I asked the birthday girl what she wanted to eat at her birthday party, she quickly replied pizza. When it came to the drink I got a little creative and made Frozen punch! Here's my recipe so you can enjoy it at your own celebration, or just in the heat of summer!

Olaf's Frozen Punch


1 Liter of 7Up

1/2 container of Blue Hawaiian Punch

1 container of Vanilla Ice cream

This drink is delicious and kinda reminds me of an orange sickle, minus the orange flavor. All I did was pour the soda and punch into a container together and scoop ice cream balls into the drink, so they looked like snowballs floating in water. Everyone loved this!!


Whats a party without a bounce house, or better yet, a Frozen bounce house! This kept the kids busy for a long time! I also did an activity where we made snow, just the thing you need for a summer activity. This also kept them very busy! You can see from everyones smiles how much fun this party was. Enjoy your own amazing Frozen party!! Let me know in the comments of any other ideas you have for your own Frozen fun!

Links to everything above:

Elsa's Book of Secrets

Latex Frozen Balloons

Elsa + Olaf Treat Bags

Frozen Figurines

Frozen Rainbow Loom

Frozen Paper Cups

Frozen Plastic Washable Cups


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