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Snow in the SUMMER! | Frozen Themed Activity

You'll need only two things to make the snow:

I used a 12lb bag but this 13.5lb bag of baking soda is a great price for more baking soda!

I got 3 large bottles of conditioner, V05 is my favorite! All of their scents smell so good and it is affordable! Sadly I can't link you to the ones I bought because they are no longer on amazon, but I bought about 99oz of conditioner. I had some left over when we were done. That should be plenty for a big batch!

I poured it into this large bin that matched the party decor, but here is a great one that I've been considering purchasing that would double as storage so I don't have to make it so often! The girls LOVE to play in it!

Because it's got a lid you could keep it for quite a few days. I would recommend the 4 pack, deep version that way your kids don't get it everywhere!

We ordered some fun beach toys off of amazon, this is a really fun set!

The birthday girl really enjoyed her snow in the summer!

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