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Kid- Friendly Star Kabobs

Anyone else have kids that love to play with their food? I know, 'don't encourage it!' Don't worry. This is a fun side, that your kids can enjoy and eat, and it's not full of sugar. The star shaped cheeses are exciting, and the olives are just what every child loves to stick on the ends of their fingers. We called them martian hands when we were little. Check out these cute kabobs and enjoy!

You'll need short kabob sticks, pepperoni, cherry tomatoes, olives, monterey cheese, and white cheddar cheese.

Slice the cheese and use a star cookie cutter to cut stars into the cheese!

Don't forget to enjoy those scraps while putting these together, yum!

Then place cherry tomatoes, white cheddar, a stack of pepperoni slices, one olive, and then a monterey cheese slice!

My little girl loves these! It didn't take long for these to be gobbled up quickly. Let me know of any additions you make to your kabobs, and have a happy 4th!

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