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DIY Dollar Store Patriotic Runner

When it comes to the holidays, I love to make things fun and festive! I have a really fun and easy DIY table runner for y'all to create with me. Your going to love how quick it is to make. This probably took me about five, maybe ten minutes to make. Lets get started!


2 Diamond Ribbon Rolls

4 Patriotic Placemats

Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Oh my goodness y'all! This table runner cost me only $6! It's made from four placemats, and two rolls of diamond ribbon. I bought everything from the Dollar Tree! I just hot glued together the placemats, and hot glued strips of the ribbon on top as embellishment. Viola!

Like I said, about five minutes. I think it really brightens the table and adds that cute sparkle it needs for the fourth of July. Happy Independence Day y'all!

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